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10 Positive Signs That a Guy Likes You


Does he like me? Are you just dating or could this turn into a relationship? If you’re not confident enough in the way your relationship is moving and you are unsure if he is into you, there are several behaviors you can watch out for that are potential indicators. Here then, are 10 unobvious signs that a guy likes you.

1. Eye contact

If a guy is always looking at you, he probably likes you. Various studies have demonstrated that men are very visual beings. They respond to that which they find visually attractive. Additionally, mutual eye contact is reportedly part of the human biological mating ritual. If he is always attempting to make and maintain prolonged eye contact, he likes you.

2. A grin

Research also shows that when people are in the beginning stages of feeling attraction or “falling in love” so to speak, their bodies produce oxytocin and serotonin. These “love chemicals” are the body’s happy hormones. Thus, it’s a good sign if he wears a silly grin and is happy to be with you even when you’re doing nothing special.

3. Body language

While body language is a significant part of establishing attraction, it’s not always easy to read. Look for a group of physical behaviors. Psychologist Ronald E. Riggio confirms that when a guy likes you, he may smile slightly when making eye contact. His seductive smile might “be accompanied by submissive behavior” like tilting his head downward, or “dominant behavior” like slowly and proudly looking away.

4. Paying attention


If a man pays attention to you, he likes you. Research has proven men’s brains are wired a bit differently than women. Men’s brains are more logical and fact-based.

Men don’t naturally retain facts about your favorite color or the name of your first pet. A man pays attention to your personal details because he is interested in you.

5. He does thoughtful things

If a guy makes an extra effort to make you happy, he likes you. A 2016 study reports that the previously mentioned chemicals impact the brain’s reward system. They push a person to acquire and retain the emotions required to reproduce and survive.

Notice how the guy treats you. Is he thoughtful? Does he make the extra effort to make you happy, and comfortable? If so, he probably likes you.

6. He opens up to you

It’s hard for anyone to be openly vulnerable. Guys are traditionally programmed to be unemotional and strong. Therefore, it is especially telling when a guy reveals his own vulnerability to you. It indicates his willingness to be emotionally available to you and let you into his life. A guy only does that when you mean something to him.

7. His friends/family know about you

This should be a no-brainer. If a guy tells his friends and family about you, he likes you. Recent research reports that guys enjoy sharing information about love and relationships with their buddies. If you’re not his dirty, little secret and have met his friends or his family then that is a great sign.

8. He likes to be close to you

You can tell a lot about how much a guy likes you by his use of physical space. If a guy doesn’t like you, he’ll create space between the two of you. However, if he’s interested in you, he’ll try to close the gap between the two of you by leaning in closer, sitting beside you, and walking close to you.

9. He makes time for you

When a man likes you, he will initiate dates. He will make time for you no matter how busy he is. He will respond to you in a timely manner too. If he is a near workaholic but spends what free time, he does have with you then he is prioritizing you and obviously likes you.

10. He tries to make you laugh

Men use funny pick-up lines and jokes to get attention and break the ice. Humor is a way of demonstrating interest and initiating romance. If a guy tries to make you laugh, he is interested in you and might even like your smile or your laugh as well.

If you watch a guy and notice these behaviors, he probably likes you. Let that knowledge bolster your courage. Just ask him!